V'-Rings are made entirely of rubber, and can therefore be stretched over fittings, flanges or other obstacles. They comprise a body and a joined conical lip. The 'V'-Ring is mounted on and rotates with the shaft, with the lip sealing against the housing, and the body holding it in position as well as sealing against the shaft.


Each type of 'V'-Ring can be used for different shaft diameters because of their elasticity & rotation of the 'V'-Ring, the seal can act as both a lip seal and deflector of liquids, greases, oils, dirt, sand and other materials.
It can accommodate for shaft abnormality and misalignment.
'V'-Rings can withstand both axial and radial loading

VA - VS - VL (Ready available)
Shaft Sizes :-
VA - 2.7MM to 2200MM VS - 4.5MM to 210 MM VL - 135MM to 475MM